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mental wellness

Sleeplessness site


    Sleeplessness is a serious social problem of our times. It is the inability to fall asleep or enjoy a good quality and quantity of sleep.



      Mindfulness is a practice where we intensely focus on being aware of our senses and feelings in that specific moment. It is a state of… Read More »Mindfulness



        Empathy is our ability to understand the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of another person. It enables us to be kind, care for others and develop… Read More »Empathy



          Bullying is a type of aggressive behavior where someone repeatedly and intentionally causes discomfort or injury to another person. A person may use force, threat,… Read More »Bullying



            Gaslighting refers to a psychological manipulation strategy that is used to influence, intimidate, or gain power over someone.

            abrasive personality site

            Abrasive Personality

              An abrasive personality is a type of unsocial personality, bordering on aggression, authoritarian approaches, and insensitivity.

              mood disorder

              Mood Disorders

                Mood disorders are a group of disorders characterized by a distorted or inconsistent mood that interferes with the day to day functioning of the individual.… Read More »Mood Disorders

                Sleep Disorders site

                Sleep Disorders

                  Sleep disorders are a group of health conditions that disturb normal sleep patterns.

                  serial killers

                  Serial Killers

                    Serial killers are criminals who commit three or more murders over time, for psychological and psychopathic gratification.

                    What Is Appetite


                      Appetite refers to a person’s natural desire to eat food. Appetite is separate from hunger as we can develop this desire even when we are… Read More »Appetite



                        Leadership is an ability or quality of an individual to lead, guide and influence other people for the accomplishment of a specific goal. It is… Read More »Leadership



                          Feeling sleepy is a common experience, but excessive daytime sleepiness can affect the quality of your life. Hypersomnia or Hypersomnolence leads to excessive sleepiness despite… Read More »Hypersomnia

                          Stendhal Syndrome site

                          Stendhal Syndrome

                            Stendhal syndrome (SS) is a rare psychiatric condition caused by exposure to artistic or historical artifacts.

                            Gender Dysphoria

                            Gender Dysphoria

                              Gender dysphoria is a sense of unease a person experiences because of a mismatch between his/her biological sex and gender identity.

                              Sociopath site


                                Sociopath refers to an individual who is suffering from antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). It is a mental health condition where a person often shows a… Read More »Sociopath



                                  Imagination refers to a complex cognitive ability that helps to create mental images and representations without using senses. It is mostly associated with creative thinking… Read More »Imagination

                                  What Is Mania


                                    Mania is a disabling psychiatric disorder that affects a person’s physical health and mental wellbeing. Mania is often associated with bipolar disorders, schizoaffective disorders, and… Read More »Mania

                                    manic depression site

                                    Manic Depression

                                      Manic depression is a condition involving both depressive and manic episodes. Is manic depression same as bipolar disorder?