Karnataka Youngster Showing New ways In Opening Up On Mental Health Issues

  • Karnataka boy Lakshit has developed a podcast series to help youngsters suffering from mental health problems.
  • Today’s children and youngsters are now not scared or hesitant to seek mental health support.

According to Dr. Sridhar G, founder of Deeksha (Bangalore), about 47% of students of their institutions have come forward to seek mental health support in recent years either in person or indirectly via anonymous emails/calls. Ruth Sneha Inbasekeran, a teacher at Ekya School Byrathi, also shared that their institution has an in-house counselor who helps students suffering from mental health issues.

A 17-year-old Karnataka boy Lakshit Shakuntala Kankariya has recently developed a social media platform and podcast series that addresses the increasing mental problems among youngsters. He started these podcasts a year ago intending to help people break the social stigma around mental health issues, as mentioned in THE TIMES OF INDIA.

People reach out to Lakshit through his Instagram account regarding their psychological issues. He helps them either by connecting them with mental health professionals or sharing beneficial ways to deal with their issues. “Conversations around This are still not enough. We can use social media to raise awareness and break taboos,” said grade 12 student Lakshit.

He has observed that today’s generation is now more comfortable in expressing their issues and seeking guidance instead of only bottling up their emotional trauma. “Youngsters share their stories on social media platforms, which has helped normalize and inspire others to talk about trauma without shame,” he added further. According to Lakshit, there is a significant change in the parents’ mindset also regarding the mental health problems of their children.

Dr. A. Jagadish, Consultant Psychiatrist (Abhaya Hospital), explained that Gen Z is not afraid or hesitant to seek mental health support. Even children as young as 12 are now telling their parents without any fear that they need help and must see a psychologist.

“Recently, two 12-year-old boys came to me with their parents. One of them was unable to overcome his OCD symptoms and asked his father to bring him to me. Now, these youngsters would rather seek help than give in to the social stigma,” Dr. Jagadish said while sharing one of his experiences. He added that most of the young adults consult with him regarding their mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, and OCD. He noticed that many parents are still a bit hesitant but not their children and social media platforms play a pivotal role in raising mental awareness.

The Mental Health Foundation says that opening up about one’s mental health issues is not a sign of that person’s weakness rather it is about taking charge of his/her own happiness and well-being. The experts have explained that talking is the best possible way to cope with any problem as being listened to makes a person feel supported and less alone.

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  • Karnataka Youngster Showing New ways In Opening Up On Mental Health Issues