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Read helpful research-backed information on psychology-related topics to help understand different scientific studies of the mind, behavior, and various mental processes.

Human psychology involves various human emotions, mental processes, behaviors, and character or personality traits that make an individual different from others. It includes a broad range of positive and negative human emotions or mindsets, such as attraction, love, envy, guilt, humor, cynicism, leadership quality, fear, spirituality, introversion, and even relationship bonding. Psychology also involves different mental processes, followed by certain physiological disorders, such as obesity, jet lag, magical thinking. The religions people follow are also a significant part of their psychology. Psychology consists of several behavioral characteristics, including stalking, learning, cognitive ability, inspiration, lying, dreaming, hypnosis, and appetite. 

What Is Personality


    Personality refers to a person’s thoughts, emotions, attitude, mood, behavior and opinions that characterize who they are as an individual. It is a crucial aspect… Read More »Personality

    stress management

    Stress Management

      Stress management popularly alludes to the large number of strategies devised to manage stress. Their purpose is to ensure psychological and physiological well-being for improving… Read More »Stress Management

      Understanding Introversion


        Introversion refers to a personality trait that is characterized by a tendency to prefer one’s inner thoughts and feelings instead of external stimuli. Introverts tend… Read More »Introversion

        Narcissism site


          Narcissism refers to excessive self-overvaluation that causes a distorted sense of self-worth and reduces a person’s empathic receptivity. It can also be a sign of narcissistic personality disorder.

          Insomnia site


            Insomnia is a sleep disorder where sufferers find it difficult to fall or stay asleep and are unable to feel rested after waking up, leading… Read More »Insomnia


            Brain Health

              Brain health refers to the maintenance of optimal brain integrity and mental and cognitive function at a given age. It enables us to enhance our… Read More »Brain Health



                Mindfulness is a practice where we intensely focus on being aware of our senses and feelings in that specific moment. It is a state of… Read More »Mindfulness



                  Empathy is our ability to understand the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of another person. It enables us to be kind, care for others and develop… Read More »Empathy

                  abrasive personality site

                  Abrasive Personality

                    An abrasive personality is a type of unsocial personality, bordering on aggression, authoritarian approaches, and insensitivity.

                    mood disorder

                    Mood Disorders

                      Mood disorders are a group of disorders characterized by a distorted or inconsistent mood that interferes with the day to day functioning of the individual.… Read More »Mood Disorders

                      serial killers

                      Serial Killers

                        Serial killers are criminals who commit three or more murders over time, for psychological and psychopathic gratification.

                        What Is Appetite


                          Appetite refers to a person’s natural desire to eat food. Appetite is separate from hunger as we can develop this desire even when we are… Read More »Appetite



                            Leadership is an ability or quality of an individual to lead, guide and influence other people for the accomplishment of a specific goal. It is… Read More »Leadership

                            Stendhal Syndrome site

                            Stendhal Syndrome

                              Stendhal syndrome (SS) is a rare psychiatric condition caused by exposure to artistic or historical artifacts.



                                Imagination refers to a complex cognitive ability that helps to create mental images and representations without using senses. It is mostly associated with creative thinking… Read More »Imagination



                                  Everyone feels bored at times. It is an emotional state associated with attention, perception, memory and creativity. However, chronic boredom can adversely affect our mental… Read More »Boredom

                                  What Are Emotions


                                    Emotions refer to complex psychological states that occur as a reaction to certain internal and environmental stimuli, such as memories, feelings, thoughts, or events. The… Read More »Emotions



                                      Ambition is a strong desire or determination to reach a specific goal or achieve success. It is a positive personality trait characterized by an intense… Read More »Ambition

                                      Gut feelings

                                      Gut Feelings

                                        Gut feeling refers to a sixth sense or hunch which allows us to gain and understand knowledge instinctively and immediately without relying on conscious reasoning.… Read More »Gut Feelings

                                        Intuition site


                                          Intuition is a kind of feeling in our gut that provides us with an instinctive idea about whether something we are doing is right or… Read More »Intuition



                                            Fear is an unpleasant emotion that arises due to anticipated threats and makes us aware of perceived dangers. It is a normal reaction and a… Read More »Fear



                                              Codependency refers to the tendency to be reliant on another person, mostly observed in relationships. This may be a sign of insecurity, immaturity, low self-esteem,… Read More »Codependency



                                                Health means adapting our wellness to changing environments by understanding what health is, its types and determinants and strategies to improve it.



                                                  Psychoanalysis is a theory of personality and psychopathology that deals with the unconscious mind. Psychoanalysts believe that all of us have unconscious thoughts, emotions, wants,… Read More »Psychoanalysis

                                                  body clock

                                                  Body Clock

                                                    Body Clock is referred to an internal mechanism that periodically schedules the body’s activities and functions. What Is Body Clock? The body clock is the… Read More »Body Clock