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Relationships and Family

Read helpful research-backed information on different relationship topics to create and maintain good relationships in life.

Whether with partners, children, friends, parents, peers, or family, every relationship is essential due to various reasons. Love, trust, affection, attention, care, respect, attachment, communication, intimacy, laughter, and unconditional support build the core foundation of any relationship. One can cherish every relationship by practicing healthy love, making a healthy family dynamic, building healthy friendships and romantic equations. People can build strong bonds through adoption also. There are also some relationship issues which are often overlooked but need to be recognised and dealt with like toxic and abusive relationships, cheating, infidelity, addiction, adultery and times when we need to provide support to our partner when facing mental health issues.



    Codependency refers to the tendency to be reliant on another person, mostly observed in relationships. This may be a sign of insecurity, immaturity, low self-esteem,… Read More »Codependency



      Parenting children can be a tricky affair. Know how you can improve your parenting skills and make your parenting journey more memorable.

      Family site


        Family refers to a group of people connected by genetic, marriage, or legal bonds, but it involves deeper meaning for most individuals. It is considered… Read More »Family

        What Is Cheating


          Cheating refers to unfair and dishonest behavior, whether in activities or in relationships, to achieve preferred outcomes and to get an edge over others. Cheating… Read More »Cheating



            Adoption refers to a legal and social process that permanently transfers all the parental rights and responsibilities from the child’s birth parents to the adoptive… Read More »Adoption

            What Is Adultery


              Adultery refers to an intended, consensual, extramarital sexual relationship or encounter between a married person and someone other than that person’s current partner or spouse.… Read More »Adultery

              Friends site


                Friends who love and support us are really important for living a happy life. Friendships characterized by respect, affection, care and trust can often last… Read More »Friends



                  Homosexuality refers to an individual’s sexual orientation or sexual and romantic interest & attraction towards people of the same sex. It is considered as one… Read More »Homosexuality



                    Grief refers to the natural emotional and psychological reaction to loss of a loved one or a living being an individual was attached to. A… Read More »Grief


                    Love Addiction

                      Love addiction is a destructive form of love characterized by obsession, jealousy, insecurity, and excessive interest towards their partner. What Is Love Addiction? Research indicates… Read More »Love Addiction

                      What Is Caregiving


                        The simple act of providing care for a friend, family member or individual in need is called caregiving. Although it sounds very easy to perform,… Read More »Caregiving

                        Self Love Site


                          Self-love can be defined as the love that one has for oneself. It involves the acceptance of your weaknesses and shortcomings and showing compassion despite… Read More »Self-Love

                          Dark Traid

                          Dark Triad

                            The dark triad consists of the personality traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. What Is The Dark Triad? It refers to a psychological concept that… Read More »Dark Triad



                              Love is an emotion characterized by passion, intimacy, desire, and commitment. Love motivates us, validates our self-esteem, and eases our fear of loneliness. What Is… Read More »Love

                              Child Development

                              Child Development

                                Child development is an important topic for educators, pediatricians, and caregivers alongside parents. The measurements and questions relating to the process can be complicated at… Read More »Child Development